Stepping Out on Faith

Yesterday while riding home from work, I was listening to an interview on NPR about a young musical prodigy name Joey Alexander.  The interviewer was asking what this means to him.  Of course he was answering from a child’s perspective – simple but captivating.  I am trying to conjure a picture of this child.  What did he look like, what was his nationality, which state did he come from.  Oh, I must include that I came into the last half or quarter of the interview.  Then they ended with his music, and I was speechless!  It was love at first hear.  I absolutely could not believe a child was playing such music. He sounded like some of the Jazz greats.  As soon as I got him, I had to youtube this sensation and see this little person. Wow he was from Indonesia!  Wow.  All of his training came from playing along from DVD’s, MP3’s etc.  I am a lover of music and this child’s  talent just mends and uplifts, at least, that is what it did for me.

If you have an experience like I did, it is pure inspirational.  I must say that through this one interview and music I had thoughts about some things I have been wanting to do- things I have placed on a shelf, you know those shelves you have in your mind, that you just put things there with a plan to come back for it and it stays so long it seems too high to reach? Until now I hadn’t given much thought to those things I had pickled, jarred and shelved.  What was I waiting on?  Just listening and watching this child give his gift to the world in what appeared so effortlessly, it convinced me to reach the shelf and dust off some valuables.

Today, I make my first blog entry on the heels of this musical talent.  It is a time like this that I feel the kiss of God, His divine inspiration through others,  and hear his words speak clearly about my own personal path.  Writing is one of those paths, that I have feared, felt inadequate and have not put my talent out in the world to see.  Why?  Oh, yes that inner dialogue, of what to write about, I will not have time to commit to this, the fear of failing.  Also, probably a larger fear of where will this take me?  How far away from my comfort zone will I venture, and then again, will I be able to do this on a consistent basis.  The ups and downs of life sometimes get in the way to a consistent regimen.  Lastly, failing to do what I have spoken into the universe and allowed myself to witness it.  In the face of those fears, here I stand- yet, here I am, doing what I love doing.  Yes, to the background of Master Alexander.

My hope is that you run into the thing, person, inspiration to cause you to move and step out on faith as I have and begin to do what is in your heart.  If you love Jazz, then you must discover this musical genius – Joey Alexander.

With Love,